Close Mars

Still bright in evening skies, Mars was just past opposition and closest to Earth on July 31, a mere 57.6 million kilometers away. Captured only a week later, this remarkable image shows the Red Planet’s disk near its maximum size in earthbound telescopes, but still less than 1/74th the apparent diameter of a Full Moon. Broad regional surface shadings are starting to reappear in the tantalizing view as the latest planet-wide dust storm subsides. With the bright south polar cap at the bottom, the Valles Marineris extends along the center of the disk. Just below it lies the roughly circular Solis Lacus region sometimes known as the Eye of Mars. In a line, three prominent dark spots left of center are the volcanic Tharsis Montes. [via NASA]
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The NGC 6914 Complex

A study in contrasts, this colorful skyscape features stars, dust, and glowing gas in the vicinity of NGC 6914. The complex of reflection nebulae lies some 6,000 light-years away, toward the high-flying northern constellation Cygnus and the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. Obscuring interstellar dust clouds appear in silhouette while reddish hydrogen emission nebulae, along with the dusty blue reflection nebulae, fill the cosmic canvas. Ultraviolet radiation from the massive, hot, young stars of the extensive Cygnus OB2 association ionize the region’s atomic hydrogen gas, producing the characteristic red glow as protons and electrons recombine. Embedded Cygnus OB2 stars also provide the blue starlight strongly reflected by the dust clouds. The nearly 1 degree wide telescopic field of view spans about 100 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 6914. [via NASA]

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Dedicado a @roberbodegas y a todos los que, como él, nos ayudan a mirar el lado divertido de la vida y nos regalan ratos de risas.

YouTubeando: Flori – «Purple rain» | La final de ‘La Voz Kids’ el lunes a las 22:00h en Telecinco

Flori – «Purple rain» | La final de ‘La Voz Kids’ el lunes a las 22:00h en Telecinco
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¡No te pierdas la final de ‘La Voz Kids’ el lunes a las 22:00!

Flori se subía al escenario de ‘La voz Kids 4’ para interpretar, en la semifinal, una versión del éxito de Prince, ‘Purple rain’. Los coaches no salían de su asombro tras la actuación y Orozco acababa por los suelos. “Podría decir que es una de las mejores actuaciones que he visto en mi vida… pero no lo haré porque no es el momento de decírtelo a ti, es el momento de decírselo a tus padres. Esto que acaba de pasar es pura magia”, aseguraba el coach.

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Sea and Sky Glows over the Oregon Coast

Every step caused the sand to light up blue. That glow was bioluminescence — a blue radiance that also lights the surf in this surreal scene captured last month at Meyer’s Creek Beach in Oregon, USA. Volcanic stacks dot the foreground sea, while a thin fog layer scatters light on the horizon. The rays of light spreading from the left horizon were created by car headlights on the Oregon Coast Highway (US 101), while the orange light on the right horizon emanates from a fishing boat. Visible far in the distance is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy, appearing to rise from a dark rocky outcrop. Sixteen images were added together to bring up the background Milky Way and to reduce noise. [via NASA]

Total Solar Eclipse Shadow from a Balloon

Where were you during the Great American Eclipse of 2017? A year ago last week, over 100 million of people in North America went outside to see a partial eclipse of the Sun, while over ten million drove across part of the USA to see the Sun completely disappear behind the Moon — a total solar eclipse. An estimated 88 percent of American adults saw the eclipse either personally or electronically. One of the better photographed events in human history, images from the eclipse included some unusual vistas, such as from balloons floating in the Earth’s stratosphere. About fifty such robotic balloons were launched as part of NASA’s Eclipse Ballooning project. Featured is a frame taken from a 360-degree panoramic video captured by one such balloon set aloft in Idaho by students from Brazil in conjunction with NASA and Montana State University. Pictured, the dark shadow of the Moon was seen crossing the Earth below. Although the total eclipse lasted less than three minutes, many who saw it may remember it for a lifetime. Many North Americans will get a another chance to experience a total solar eclipse in 2024. [via NASA]

Fire on Earth

Sometimes, regions of planet Earth light up with fire. Since fire is the rapid acquisition of oxygen, and since oxygen is a key indicator of life, fire on any planet would be an indicator of life on that planet. Most of the Earth’s land has been scorched by fire at some time in the past. Although causing many a tragedy, for many places on Earth fire is considered part of a natural ecosystem cycle. Large forest fires on Earth are usually caused either by humans or lightning and can be visible from orbit. Featured from the year 2000, stunned elk avoid a fire sweeping through Montana’s Bitterroot Valley by standing in a river. [via NASA]

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La generosidad de los donantes y sus familiares es inmensa, regalan vida a pesar del dolor. #donantesdevida

YouTubeando: Cariño, me he follado a Bunbury | Segundo puesto en el IX Concurso de Cortos RNE/Fundación SGAE

Cariño, me he follado a Bunbury | Segundo puesto en el IX Concurso de Cortos RNE/Fundación SGAE
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Dirigido por César Fernández-Calvillo Solana. Sinopsis: César es fan incondicional de Enrique Bunbury, ¿pero qué pasa cuando la persona que más admiras en todo el planeta se acuesta con la mujer que más quieres? César se debatirá entonces entre el dolor por la traición y la curiosidad por sentirse tan cerca de su ídolo. Tan cerca… que incluso duele.
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